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Youtube Music Downloader 9.1

It downloads videos from YouTube and also extracts their audio streams
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Youtube Music Downloader is a small app that allows you to download video files from YouTube and alternatively extract their audio streams. The program offers a simple and intuitive user interface that can be easily used by anyone having basic computing skills. Moreover, you can select among multiple audio formats and bitrates -or video resolutions- for your download job.

Despite simple and easy to use, the program's user interface is a bit rude and its visual design could be widely improved. It basically consists of a tabbed panel where you can provide your download parameters and start the job. Under the "Main" tab you can select whether you want to get the audio stream only or the full video, select the download quality, paste the YouTube's video URL and define the output folder. If you are interested in getting both the audio and the video files, you can select the "MP3/Music" option and leave the "Keep video" checkbox marked. Moreover, if you decide to get the video file, you can select the download resolution among multiple popular options, or simply let the program seek for the best available one. As for the MP3/Music option, you can select the audio file format among MP3, AAC and Ogg, and the conversion quality.

When using the program, you will hardly need to manually paste the video URLs you copy from YouTube, as the program monitors your clipboard and automatically does this task for you. Unfortunately, this tool is not capable of identifying whether the text you copy is a valid YouTube video URL or not, but it simply pastes absolutely any text you copy from any application.

Last but no least, Youtube Music Downloader includes many features that simply won't work until you upgrade to the Pro edition of the program. Some of them are multiple download, video/audio conversion, encrypted YouTube videos download, YouTube playlists download and video download from other websites like Dailymotion, Metacafe and Vimeo. Many of those options are there, but you can't even try them.

All in all, if you are just looking for a simple and free way to download a YouTube video and/or get its audio stream, Youtube Music Downloader could perfectly fit your needs. However, if you look for more advanced or sophisticated features, you could easily upgrade to the Pro edition of this program for $19.99, tough in this case I would recommend you trying other YouTube downloaders first.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Lightweight.
  • Very simple and intuitive.
  • Allows you to get video files, audio files or both.
  • Allows you to select the download quality/resolution and the audio format


  • Poor visual design.
  • The clipboard monitoring feature catches absolutely any text you copy.
  • Includes some features not really available in the free edition, that you can't even try
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